December 2011 - Bloomfield Construction

Preventing Ice Damage

Living in Oakland County, Michigan or Michigan in general we are prone to get a few harsh winter days between November and March. Snow piles up on the side of the road, on our lawn and on our roof, which could lead to ice damage to our home. During these frigid months, the heat from…

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Preventing Basement Flood Damage

Flooding can happen at any time of the year. Whether there is a heavy rain fall, the harsh Michigan snow has melted causing ice damming or a pipe bursts within your home. Even that small basement leak may end up being not so small and costing you more in the end. Oakland County is filled…

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Tips for Insulating a Home For Winter

Insulating A Home For Winter? Looking for ways to save a few dollars this holiday season? Sure, you can replace inefficient windows to help keep the heat in, but new windows can add up quickly. “A little can go a long way” reigns true when it comes to insulating a home for winter months. Simply adding…

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