January 2012 - Bloomfield Construction

Preventing Black Mold

Preventing Black Mold starts with Moisture Black mold is a term we’ve come to hear throughout the years when talking about water damage. An older home or humid areas of a home like the attic or basement are common areas you could suspect mold. No matter how new or old a home may be all…

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Is it time for an Attic Inspection?

This winter I have seen more attics with black mold than I have in recent years. I attribute this to improper roof and soffit ventilation combined with the cold winters we have been having. Upon doing a roof inspection and estimate we have a policy to always inspect the attic first. Many companies omit this…

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Preventing Wind Damage

Oakland County, Michigan isn’t typically prone tornados, but we do get our fair share of severe storms and high winds that can result in costly wind damage. And, though infrequent, tornados do occasionally wreak havoc on Michigan terrain.  Homes can be destroyed by fallen trees, decks ripped from homes and outdoor furniture can become a slingshot of destruction.…

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