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home with cedar sidingBloomfield Construction offers a full line of pre-stained wood sidings (Cedar & Redwood). After all four sides are coated once, a finishing coat is then applied to ensure the pre-stained siding is able to withstand the ever-changing Michigan weather. Using a machine brushing technique to apply all stains, we ensure an even, beautiful finished product. All of our lumber is environmentally controlled before staining. It can be applied with a solid color or a semi-transparent finish.

Bloomfield Construction’s carpenters are fully trained to install each type of wood product we offer. Tyvek house wrap is properly installed and drip-edge flashings are custom bent on every job. It’s the complete exterior renovation system right down to the professionally finished caulk job. There is not a company around that has more experience installing wood siding than us. We hold the distinction as one of the Top 200 Exterior Contractors in the USA! Additionally, we have won several local and national design awards for our work.

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