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Fire Restoration

Home Restoration from the effects of Smoke and Fire

Being a victim of a fire loss is an emotional time. At Bloomfield Construction, we take all the necessary measures to restore as much in your home as possible. From the floors and furniture to the attic, carpet, upholstery, ceilings and walls.

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First, we analyze the type of smoke damage. Some smoke types are stronger than others, therefore resulting in different treating options. Second, we determine which items in your home are treatable and which need to be replaced. Some items can be restored to pre-fire conditions, while others incur too much damage. Third, if treatable, we will use our advanced smoke damage and fire restoration technology to clean, fumigate, and deodorize the affected area. This removes anything left behind from the fire and eliminates any odors. Our goal is to preserve as much in your home as possible utilizing our national award-winning procedures.

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