Raccoon causing damage to an attic and a raccoon caught in a cage

Our Raccoon Removal Services Include:

Safe Removal

When considering hiring a company for any type of job on your home certainly experience is of the utmost importance. Bloomfield Construction has been in business for over 20 years and is your trusted source for raccoon removal. Some of our services include a full inspection of your home as well as its connecting components. We will check every inch of your roof, chimney, attic, siding, and foundation in order to locate any and all entrance points and to prevent further animal intrusion. Because we are a licensed builder and award-winning remodeling contractor, we know how to properly fill in intrusion points better than any animal removal company. We work with only the best, trained professional animal control partners in the business. Most people don’t realize that raccoon damage is typically a covered insurance claim. We will communicate with your adjuster and agent for a smooth transition on your covered claim.

Problems with Raccoons

Raccoons will cause more damage inside a home or attic than most people can imagine. As the furry creatures makes its home inside your house, it will leave behind a large mess of fecal matter and urine. These droppings are full of bacteria and will cause an entire attic to smell beyond belief within just a few days causing bacterial levels to escalate.

Repairs to your Home

Not only will we locate the entry site of these pesky mammals, we will make it appear as though the holes were never there. Matching shingles, siding, and trim and or paint is our specialty!