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At Bloomfield Construction Company, our primary objective is to provide top-quality service to each and every customer. Our chimney repair specialists are master builders and provide a leak guarantee on our workmanship. Every choice we make as a company is done to bring our customers the best service attainable at the best possible value.

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Ever asked, “Do I need to repair my chimney?”

There’s a lot that can go wrong with a chimney and/or fireplace. When bricks are damaged or loose, it’s important to contact a chimney repair specialist. Mortar joints should also be closely examined to prevent any long-term, expensive damage. If mortar joints have eroded back more than a half-inch, your chimney might need repairs. Due to the freezing and thawing that chimneys experience, problems can easily compound and accelerate quicker.

It’s a similar process for fireplaces. However, instead of freezing and thawing weather, bricks in fireplaces suffer from high temperatures, therefore creating stress on the mortar joints.

It’s important to keep your chimney and fireplace up to standards. Contact Bloomfield Construction for more information today.

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