damage from storms For years, most Michiganders have joked about the inconsistencies in our weather. One minute it’s down pouring rain and five minutes later, the sun is shining. We sometimes start our days with the heat blasting in our cars and then drive home with the air conditioning on high.

These past few months have provided exceptionally interesting – and often dangerous – weather conditions for Michiganders. Here at Bloomfield Construction, we are doing everything possible to move quickly, aid customers in their home repairs and do everything possible to ensure they are protected from future problems.

Some statistics of Michigan’s 2014 weather:

In light of the recent storms, we feel it’s important for everyone to have a better understanding of storm preparation, home flooding prevention and other important information.

Storm Preparation Tips:

Work with the right insurance agent.

Unfortunately, many individuals suffered indescribable loss during the August 11 storm. Even more unfortunate is the fact that many home owner’s insurance policies do not include coverage for home flooding. Working with the right insurance agent before a storm occurs can help ensure you are protected from monetary loss should damage from storms occur.

Use waterproof storage options.

Some items, no matter how much home flooding insurance you have, cannot be replaced. We’ve seen the devastation over the last couple of weeks after many family’s memories suffered water damage. Using vacuum-sealed bags, plastic storage tubs and safes can help protect your beloved items. Additionally, do not store items near your basement drain.

Ensure your basement is protected as much as possible.

In our recent blog Five Tips to Prevent Basement Flooding, we outline a few tips that can help prevent home flooding. In short:

  • Install a sump pump, as well as a back up
  • Slope the landscaping away from the house
  • Put your gutters and downspouts to work
  • Inspect your foundation
  • Observe your home’s behavior during rain

Recovering From Damage from Storms:

Remove debris from storm drains.

Heavy storms often bring sticks, leaves and other debris to drains, which prevents them from functioning properly. Removing the debris and working to ensure the drain doesn’t get clogged can help your neighborhood recover more quickly from storm damage.

Check on neighbors.

We watched recent storms have a devastating impact on homes across Michigan, but we were very grateful to hear stories of people helping each other. Even if you think your neighbors are fully capable of enduring a storm and fixing home flooding, it’s always a good idea to check in and make sure they have everything under control. Additionally, many folks weren’t able to leave their neighborhoods until the next day, following the August 11 storm. If you have extra food or water, ensure others in your neighborhood have enough as well.

Do a careful inspection of your home. damaged-roof

Once you take a gander at the inside of your home to investigate the damage from a storm, be sure to check the exterior as well. Look at the roofing (including the condition of your shingles, flashings and other components), siding and foundation. Also, do an examination of the attic to see if any water is getting in or damage from storms has occurred.

Call a professional.

If your home has suffered damage from a storm, it’s often best to let the professionals handle the cleanup. Mold can be dangerous is not cleaned up properly. If you don’t have home flooding insurance, talk to your local home repair contractor to see if there offer any payment or discount plans.

Have you experienced home flooding and need repairs? Alternatively, are you wondering what measures you can take to protect your home from storm damage? Contact Bloomfield Construction to learn more.

Jeff Petrucci

Jeff is a licensed builder, national award-winning general contractor and owner of Bloomfield Construction. His team specializes in residential and commercial insurance repair work including floods, smoke, fire, wind & hail damage, and, of course, roofing. The team quickly and effectively handles emergency calls, and provides accurate quotes. Bloomfield Construction works with the best in the industry, utilizing the most up-to-date technologies, to complete each and every project.