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Contractor Services

Here at Bloomfield Construction, we take great pride in being a metro Detroit’s leading insurance-repair, roofing and siding contractor. As a family-oriented, 24-hour repair contracting company, our contractor services emphasize catering to our customers’ needs—regardless of how big or small the project.

We have a full understanding of how devastating it can be to deal with housing damage, which is why we strive to offer a vast array of repair services. Our team specializes in handling anything from storm damage to roofing repairs to mold removal—and much more.

You might find that you’re not dealing with particular damages, but would like to update certain aspects of your home. Well, we’d be happy to help. Looking for a new roof or set of windows? Our highly equipped team of roof and window installers is readily available. Do you feel that it’s about time that you touched up the older features of your home? Contact us. We also offer all types of remodeling services.

We understand that each customer, home and situation is going to harbor its own set of demands and needs, which is why we shape each repair plan to fit your specifications. With you in mind, we utilize all of our resources to ensure that you’re also receiving to most cost-effective solution for your housing needs.

To us, our customers’ situation is always top priority, so we operate as an on-call service. With that being said, don’t hesitate to contact us if your house is in need of insurance repairs or modifications. We’d love to help.