We all love the summer warmth—that is until every cool area on your pillow disappears while you’re trying to sleep. Keeping the temperature comfortable can be pricey, but there are many budget-friendly tips on how to keep your house cooler in the summer.

Easy Tips on How to Keep Your House Cooler in the Summer

electric fans are a great way how to keep your house cooler in the summer

Fans are your friends

A ceiling fan can make your room feel 6 to 7 degrees cooler, and for a very cheap price. It costs less than $10 per month to keep even the most heavy-duty ceiling fan running for 12 hours per day. When using a ceiling fan, try to keep your thermostat set no lower than 78 degrees. During the summer, your ceiling fan should spin counter-clockwise to force the air downward, creating a wind chill.

Keep cool behind closed doors

Close off unoccupied rooms to reduce the travel space for the cool air. If it’s the bedroom you’re closing off, be sure to open the door at night to allow steady airflow for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Close your blinds

Purchase shades or blinds that are white or a light color to better reflect sunlight away from your home. Make sure your blinds are closed during the daytime in rooms that receive heavy sunlight.

Minimize internal heat

Lighting, electronics and appliances give off much more heat than you may think. Not only do they make your home feel warmer, but they make your air conditioner work harder, which costs more money. Try not to cook inside on hot days, and when you are cooking indoors, be sure to use the range fan to remove excess heat.

Also, try not to keep lamps and electronics—such as your TV system—by the thermostat, because the extra heat being generated will trigger your air conditioning to run more.

Identify and seal air leaks

If you’re going to pay for cool air, don’t let it go to waste. Check your windows and doors to ensure there are no drafts or areas where hot air can get in and cool air can get out. Permanent fixes include new doors and windows, and caulk replacement. A temporary fix could be a draft blocker, which isn’t entirely efficient, but still better than nothing.

Check your attic and roof

Properly maintaining your attic and roof help to keep the cool air in and the warm air out in the summertime. Make sure your insulation is adequate in the attic, and there are no loose or missing shingles on the roof. If you have a flat top roof and a strong desire to keep your home cool, consider painting your roof white to reflect the sun away from your home.

Preparing your home for summer can feel like a challenge. Want to just enjoy the warm weather? Let the professionals take care of your home. We’ve been servicing Michigan residents for more than 20 years, and we know the tricks on how to keep your house cooler in the summer.

Stay relaxed. Stay cool.

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