This winter I have seen more attics with black mold than I have in recent years. I attribute this to improper roof and soffit ventilation combined with the cold winters we have been having. Upon doing a roof inspection and estimate we have a policy to always inspect the attic first. Many companies omit this step as it takes time and a little bit of extra effort. I don’t know how any professional roofing contract can properly design and recommend a new roofing system without properly inspecting the attic.

This inspection tells us many things about your home. It tells us if the attic is the proper temperature which in turn lets us know if it is getting enough ventilation. It also gives us an idea of how much plywood might need replacing so we don’t have to charge “extras” after beginning the work. Without proper ventilation, moisture can build up in the attic and can cause microbial grown for form on the plywood, rafters and insulation. In some cases this microbial can be cleaned off, however if this has been going on for a long period of time chances are the plywood is saturated & delaminated and will need to be completely replaced with new.

If you suspect you have a problem in your attic or if you haven’t had your attic inspected in several years…why not give us a call to check it out? The inspection is free to all that “Like” us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. There will be no charge until April 30, 2012. Remember winter is the worst time for condensation build-up in attics as we have cold outside and hot moist temperatures inside.

To set up an attic inspection or for more information on how we can help, give us a call at 248-333-3987, or request a free estimate.

This article was written by Jeff Petrucci, president at Bloomfield Construction.

Jeff Petrucci

Jeff is a licensed builder, national award-winning general contractor and owner of Bloomfield Construction. His team specializes in residential and commercial insurance repair work including floods, smoke, fire, wind & hail damage, and, of course, roofing. The team quickly and effectively handles emergency calls, and provides accurate quotes. Bloomfield Construction works with the best in the industry, utilizing the most up-to-date technologies, to complete each and every project.