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Preparing for an Insurance Project

Insurance Repair Project

Thank you for considering Bloomfield Construction on your insurance repair project. From your initial contact with us through the completion of your project, our entire team is committed to providing you with the very best reconstruction/remodel experience possible. To accomplish this goal and in order to add you to our list of thousands of satisfied customers, we’ve prepared this pamphlet to let you know “what to expect” throughout the entire process. Please take a few minutes to read this information so that you will be better prepared for your reconstruction project.

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One of our estimators will set up a time to meet you at your home to scope the loss. This time allows us to thoroughly inspect and look over all damaged areas of the home. This must be done before we can prepare an estimate for your insurance adjuster. This scoping process may or may not be done with your adjuster onsite.


Once properly scoped and after work authorization has been signed our estimator will begin the process of preparing the estimate for your insurance adjuster. Our estimates are prepared using industry standard software which dictates most all pricing for materials and labor. The process can be lengthy depending on the timing and severity of your property loss.


Once the scope and pricing have been Determined, then agreed upon with your adjuster, you will be required to approve and sign off with our estimator so the process of reconstructing your home or building may begin. You will be given a copy of the insurance company’s settlement from your adjuster. Soon after this has happened our project manager will order materials and assign work loads to our crews & multiple trade partners. This sets in motion an entire chain of events, with many people involved, all designed to make sure your job is reviewed, measured, ordered and installed properly and in a timely and satisfactory manner.


From time to time, customers may make changes to their original order. If you find yourself wanting to make changes prior to the start of the job, contact your project manager or estimator as soon as possible. In most cases, if the custom materials have already been ordered, you will be unable to make changes without incurring the additional cost for the new materials. All changes must be recorded on a change order form and approved by you (the owner), and then accepted by BCCs management. Upon our acceptance, a signed copy with a revised account summary will be given to you. Please note that your failure to sign and return a Change Order in a timely manner will delay your job.


Your project manager along with our scheduling department will track the progress of your job including the estimated lead times of any custom materials. Based on this information, we will call you to schedule a time for the work to begin. If you have any special scheduling requirements or concerns, we will do our very best to accommodate you. Please keep in mind that from time to time, unanticipated situations or weather delays may require us to revise our schedule. While these situations are rare, they do occur, and we always appreciate your understanding.


On some claims (fire/smoke) projects for example your insurance company may pay for us to completely remove & clean all of the items in your home. They may also pay for us to remove all of the linens and have them professionally cleaned. However, in other cases, such as a siding replacement project they will not. In these circumstances we ask that you remove any knick-knacks, delicate or breakable items, electronics and other valuables from all exterior walls.


If you are not able to live in your home during the reconstruction process or will not be available to let us in and out each day at multiple times, we will require a key that will be placed in a “lock box” on the door. This will allow us to expedite the job process and completion time.


With your permission, we would like to put a job sign on your lawn to let neighbors know that Bloomfield Construction is performing work on your home.


If you could provide parking in close proximity to your home for our trucks when possible, we would be most appreciative. Please advise us of any local parking restrictions.


Most flood & fire projects will need a dumpster. The size of the project will determine the size and type of dumpster needed. Since most cities will not allow placement in the street, we may have to place it in your driveway. You can discuss placement of the dumpster with your project manager.


We will require the use of multiple electrical outlets to operate our drying equipment. In some cases will bring in an electrician to install a temporary power box to reduce the potential for tripping breakers throughout the drying process. Any questions regarding an increase in your electrical bill should be directed towards your insurance adjuster. Generally these costs are covered by your HO policy.


We’ll be utilizing expensive drying equipment during flood situations so we ask that you please keep your children and pets clear of this equipment. While working on the exterior of your home we will be utilizing ladders and heavy tools. For their safety and well-being, we ask that you keep young children away from our work areas and supplies. Also to protect both your pets and our workman, we ask that you lock up your pets.


Our crews are equipped with the necessary plastic containment and drop clothes to provide normal and reasonable protection to your flooring, carpeting, and walls. If you have a concern, please discuss it during the initial walk through meeting with your project manager. Remember, remodeling can be dusty, especially when plaster or drywall is involved. Although our crews are equipped with protective materials to help contain most of the dust to the work area, some dust should be expected. When performing roofing work, any and all items stored in the attic will have debris fall on them. Please remove these items from your attic or cover them before the roofing project begins. With siding projects we ask you remove all paintings & knick knack items from the exterior walls.


We will clean up during and after the project as well as haul away all debris. It is our intent to leave your home as clean as we found it if not cleaner.


Prior to or at the completion of your project, your project manager will ask you to walk through your job with him/her and review the project. At this time we ask that you write down any punch list items so we can correct them as quickly as possible.


After the initial punch list items are completed, we will ask you to sign a certificate of completion. This document lets the insurance company know that all repairs have been completed to your satisfaction. This form also allows for the release of any recoverable depreciation. At your final walk-through with your project manager, you will receive the final invoice. At this time all private contracts and insurance funds received to date will be due. Once final insurance checks are received please contact your project manager to make arrangements to collect.


Our goal is “Customers for Life”. Timeliness, professionalism combined with first rate workmanship are what we strive for in each and every job. We thank you for making Bloomfield Construction your Insurance Restoration Contractor of choice!

The best compliment we could ask for is a referral. If you are happy with our services please let someone you work with or socialize with know about your experience with Bloomfield Construction…thank you!